Month: June 2013

Knitting Stitches to Show Off Variegated Yarn

What knitting stitches to apply to that glorious skein of yarn that found you last weekend at your favorite store?  If it’s a multicolored hand-painted beauty, that’s far from an idle question. Here’s a little collection of simple, small repeat

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Ten on Tuesday: Things I Want to Do This Summer

Beaded Lace Stole

“Summertime….And the knitting is easy…..” Walk on Lake Superior beaches Finish a couple malingering sweaters Add to the blog series on variegated yarns Watch ore freighters move through Sault Ste. Marie locks (Yep, trip home is in the works!) Eat

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Ka’ana Shawlette

Ka'ana Shawlette in DK yarn

This is my favorite project with Intrepid Tulips Wool/Silk dk so far.  I used Lamb’s Ear for the main body of the shawl and Louet Gems Sport in Bluebird for the lace portion (though I could have also used Intrepid Tulips Wool/Silk

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Sweater in Variegated Yarn

Breakwater sweater

Here’s the final result of the sweater knitting project I’ve been telling you about in recent posts. You can see it’s got the same outlines as Cecily’s original Breakwater pattern, but I’ve completely changed the texture of the material, and

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New Summer Knitting Yarn

New knitting yarn is up in the shop!  It’s been a while in coming, but here are colors to keep you cool at the pool and warm at the campfire. Available in both Sock and Cashmere Sock, these yarns make

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When Variegated Yarn Calls #2

Variegated yarn driven projects cry out for some thought in the post-purchase, pre-cast on phase. In the last WVYC post, I wrote about looking at a skein of variegated yarn and thinking about the implications of it’s design. (I don’t

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