Stevenson Gaunlets

Stevenson Gauntlets

This one was not a free pattern, but is from the Colours of Shetland pattern book by Kate Davies and is worth every dollar I spent on it.  I used Intrepid Tulips wool/silk DK in Apricot Tart and Dulce de Leche as well as some gray Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift.  The Stevenson Gauntlets was a fun pattern and I really like this color combination.  I especially love the pops of darker Apricot Tart and Dulche de Leche.  They ended up as a gift for my wonderful mother-in-law who is a Mormon missionary in South Africa at the moment.  Not a lot of indoor heating or cooling there and she does a lot of typing, so she was very happy to get them.  Did I mention that I love this yarn?

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