About ITY

About Intrepid Tulips Yarn

Intrepid Tulips Yarn and Fiber took the lid off its dye pot and opened its doors early in 2009 with the launch of Sock in a range of variegated colorways. In 2013 we changed our name from Fiber Optica, having gotten tired of being confused with the cable guy, and because you can knit so much more than cables with our yarn.  We’re located in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the mountains and nearby desert landscapes provide endless relaxation and inspiration.

We focus on variegated yarns with short bursts of color. Any variegated yarn can be made to pool in a knit item, but with short sections of each color, long wide stripes rarely happen, and pooling can be managed – either reduced, eliminated, or encouraged.  We also produce semi-solid, or monochromatic skeins in a rainbow of colors and compliments to our variegated yarns.

We focus on customer service. The Internet age has brought an enormous variety of yarns to yarn shop owners and knitters alike. Shopping has become easy. Yet because delivery times have not become nearly so virtual, immediate gratification suffers. We do our best to deliver high quality yarn quickly. Often small orders ship within 12 hours. We pride ourselves on a friendly return policy, and on “partnering” with customers to create special yarns for special garments.

Because handmade fiber garments and art pieces can last several generations, and take time and skill to create,  we use the best materials available. Base yarns are high quality. The dyes and process used are highly colorfast. If a yarn doesn’t perform as expected, we would really like to know about it.

About Sarah

I have been in the variegated yarn business ever since I can remember; I learned to knit in my Norwegian grandmother’s lap as a child. The tradition of textile handwork fascinates me. These techniques are a compendium of human history – from the Stone Age through the Industrial Age. Fiber manipulation and textile skills have been evolving since before men and women wrote, passed on in the oral and apprenticeship traditions. They played an important role in the creation of a middle class and the industrial age. Now we seem to be moving into a phase where the industrial is perceived as impersonal, and we are returning to handcrafted items to reconnect with something we’ve left behind. So, I study textiles. I knit, spin, crochet, weave, and dye. I currently write patterns, teach knitting classes, and dye yarns.


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