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Alternating Skeins for Sucessful Knits

One of the glories of working with hand dyed yarn is the subtle changes in the color of a skein – even in non-variegated yarns. Often, the color across a skein is not uniform, even within a carefully dyed lot.

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The Care and Feeding of a Passion

Does knitting ever get old? How many shawls, hats, socks, fair isle sweaters (ever) does one really need? Or is knitting about passing the time and keeping idle hands busy, or dressing the grand kids and keeping the local clinic

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Dawn Clapotis Shawl

I was listening to a podcast by Helen Stewart (Curious Handmade) and she was doing an interview with Amy Singer of  Amy mentioned Clapotis as one of their most popular patterns and I realized I had never knit it.

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Ten on Tuesday: 10 Ways to Wish Someone Happy Birthday


The Ten on Tuesday topic from Carole’s blog is 10 Ways to Wish Someone Happy Birthday. Here’s my list: a hand knit hat hand knit socks hand knit mittens a hand knit scarf home made cookies a hand knit throw

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Turning Cartmels

Jeannie Cartmel Linesx3

Jeannie Cartmel is one of my favorite sock designers. I think of her work as “Cookie A lite.” Jeannie’s designs are often asymmetrical and always bold, but they usually don’t take quite as much brain power as navigating a Cookie

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Stevenson Gaunlets

This one was not a free pattern, but is from the Colours of Shetland pattern book by Kate Davies and is worth every dollar I spent on it.  I used Intrepid Tulips wool/silk DK in Apricot Tart and Dulce de

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Raspberry Shawl

Lizzie Bennet Shawlette

  Lizzie Bennet’s Shawlette by Annie Riley is a gorgeous pattern that makes a wonderful shawl, especially if it is knit out of two skeins of Intrepid Tulips Bamboo Frost in Razz.  Bamboo Frost is another beautiful yarn I can’t say enough

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Piper’s Journey

More Wool/Silk dk, this time in the Razz colorway.  This is Piper’s Journey by Paula Emons-Fuessle and it is a beautiful design, made even better knit in this gorgeous yarn.  It’s a crescent-shaped garter shawl with an easy-to-memorize lace border.  You can

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Sock Knitting Madness


I’ve just discovered the world of competitive sock knitting. The tip of this iceberg – at least, the tip that I found – can be spotted on Ravelry in the Sock Madness Forever discussion group. In keeping with March Madness,

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Winter Solstice Cowl

Sweet Memories Cowl in DK

You may be getting tired of hearing about how much I adore Intrepid Tulips Wool/Silk DK, but I am not tired of telling you about it.  This colorway is “Winter Solstice” and it is a gorgeous blend of grays and purples.  I

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